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New York Announces New Comedy Festival

Bloomberg introducing New York Comedy Festival
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomber tries his hand at stand-up comedy
during the press conference. Consensus: Don't quit your day job

The comedy club Caroline's on Broadway and tourism promotions non-profit NYC & Company announced yesterday the first annual New York Comedy Festival, a week-long series of performances by top national comedians at theatres and clubs around the city, this November 9-13. Give us a call (888 824-9638), we'd be happy to arrange a package for out-of-towners looking to drop by for a good laugh.

So far, we haven't found a web page specifically promoting the festival, though we're sure one's on the way. Meanwhile, here is the City's official press release, and for a real laugh (no, not really), check out the online video of Bloomberg's press conference, where he tries his hand at stand-up, somehow not realizing what a tough crowd the press corp is.

Andras Revesz | March 9, 2004 | Featured Destinations, Travel Ideas, Upcoming Events | Permanent link
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There reason you havent found a website for The NY Comedy Festival is because it doesnt exist ... lol ...

It's The Caroline's Comedy Club Festival. Caroline and the Mayor are just really good friends.

There is a true NYC comedy Festival:
"The Original"

Last years appearances included Eddie Brill, Jim Gaffigan, Nick DiPaolo, Bill Burr and Keith Robinson.

Featuring Carmen Lynch
(Who was picked to do The Aspen Comedy Festival)
Wendy Spero (BEST of NY 2003 Time Out NY)

This is the true NYC Comedy Festival Featuring established comedians and the best up-and-coming Comedians

Executive Producer
George Sarris

Posted by: George Sarris at Apr 6, 2004 8:18:38 PM

When the festival was unvelied on March 8, the website was as well. It's

Ironically-the photo posted here shows it on that sign, but the "ny" was covered up.

Posted by: sandi at May 6, 2004 7:16:27 PM

I've emailed Caroline's a number of times asking about the Carolines Comedy Club Festival.
The inside word right now is there going to cancel it.

They're having no luck signing all these out of town comedians and along with the Mayor masking it as the NY Comedy Festival.

This is not a NY Comedy Festival ... A NY Comedy Festival would lead you to believe all of NY comedy was involved ... They're not ... No other club was even asked to participate.

The NYC Underground Comedy Festival TM is trademarked and "The Original" It's the biggest comedy festival in NY encompassing all of NY including all the NY Comedy Clubs, theaters, The world famous Bitter End
and includes all the 5 boroughs of NY. 10 venues and 30 events ... including free shows at The NY Public Libraries. Making it the largest NY Comedy Festival.

Don't let Caroline and the Bloomberg pull the wool
over your eyes... They use to date ... lol ...
All their money can't buy one thing ... The Truth

Posted by: Dan Tedson at May 20, 2004 8:51:43 PM


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