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Mountain Biking Across America


This past weekend, BizNetTravel's CEO Andras and I rode our bikes some 30 miles on paved roads (out of NYC, across the George Washington Bridge and up into NJ's Interstate Park in the Palisades), and the effort seriously kicked our butts (Andras's in particular, as his seat is really stiff). I can only imagine what it would be like to do the kind of cross-country, back-country mountain-bike trip described in this NY Times piece. Though I would love to find out, wannabe avid cyclist that I am.

Rick Bruner | July 5, 2004 | Travel Ideas | Permanent link
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another great trip is the C&O Canal from Cumberland Maryland to Georgetown Washington DC

this is not a Mountainbike trip

but a car free tour

by no means will you get the vistas of Arches National Park
but it is closer to home
and would be a tad easier to do

maybe this could be a building block to the Colorado Trail trip

I have done the 186.5 canal trip several times
in three days
in two days
and in one hellishly long 20 hour day in the rain

this spring there will be logical connection from Pittsburgh to Washington DC via Cumberland and the C&O Canal

this is more like touring than mountainbiking
but awesome in its own way
and these words are from a mountainbike racer

gwadzilla out

Posted by: gwadzilla at Dec 6, 2004 6:50:46 PM


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