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Travel Log - Featured Destinations Archives

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Asian Travel Recovers From SARS

MSNBC reports travel to Asia is returning to health following the SARS epidemic. Following a drop in occupancy levels to 10 percent, famed destination Peninsula has now returned to 70 percent occupancy during the first half of 2004.

"Things are really rebounding and we're doing very, very well," Peninsula spokeswoman Sian Griffiths said.

At the height of the epidemic in May 2003, tourism to China dropped 70.5 percent, 86.8 percent to Hong Kong and 70.7 percent to Singapore. Thisngs are looking much better these days according to Pudong Shanghai Grand Hyatt Marketing Manager Weddy Xu who said, "Our business has recovered to its level before SARS, if not even higher."

Steve Hall | August 17, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Disney World Back on Feet After Storms

As reported on Disney's own Walt Disney News, the amusement park saw downed trees and 90 MPH winds whip through the park as Hurrican Charley did its thing. However, by 2PM on Saturday, the park was already re-opened and ready for business. Officials opened Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney-MGM Studios for Saturday business but Animal Kingdom was closed due to lack of staff. Following the storm, engineers were dispatched to insure the operational safety of all rides.

Steve Hall | August 17, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

United Announces Low Fares And Bonus Miles to Buenos Aires

United Airlines is offering a Mileage Plus bonus and limited-time introductory fares for passengers traveling between Chicago O'Hare International Airport and Buenos Aires' Ezeiza International Airport. Mileage Plus members can earn miles in all booking classes - 8,000 miles for United First, 5,000 miles for United Business, and 3,000 miles for United Economy - when they purchase and fly a qualifying roundtrip between Chicago and Buenos Aires between October 1, 2004, and January 31, 2005. United is also offering a reduced fare of $489 for travel each way between the two cities, with fares as low as $429 for travel each way between Buenos Aires and other U.S. cities via Chicago. The service between Chicago and Buenos Aires begins October 31, 2004, with continuing service to Montevideo, Uruguay. See press release for details.

Steve Hall | August 13, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Frontier Airlines Has Back-to-School Sale

Frontier Airlines is capitalizing on the mid-August back-to-school mentality with a new educational ad campaign. From August 11th through the 17th, Frontier will educate travelerd on getting the best fares and will, of course, offer low fares. The article includes pricing and destinations. See press release for details.

Steve Hall | August 12, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Lady's First Hotel Designed For Women


As the nichification trend of hotels continues, Lady's First Design Hotel in Zurich was designed by women with women in mind. Of course, the hotel's owners were far ahead of the trend as they began the project in 1994. In keeping with the hotel's mission to keep women at the forefront, the hotel even reserves some open job positions for unemployed women to fill. The hotel offers a full line of cosmetic treatments and servces such as whole body peeling, facials, cellulite treatment, hand and foot waxing, leg waxing, bikini waxing, manicures', body massage, eye lash treatment, eye brow treatment and more. If you are traveling anywhere near Zurich, you should really check this place out.

Steve Hall | August 11, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Chicago, City of Steaks, Offers 'Four-Star' Vegetarian Restaurant, Green Zebra

Potato-wrapped mushrooms

The New York Times features what is indeed a rarity: a gourmet vegetarian restuarant. And — brace yourself — it's in Chicago, no less, a city best known for steak when it comes to fine dining. Here are details on CitySearch.

Rick Bruner | August 9, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Sydney Named World's Best City by Travel & Leisure Poll

Leading travel magazine Travel & Leisure has announced its 2004 World's Best Awards. The awards are given to the best travel destinations, hotels, airlines and more based on Travel and Leisure reader's votes. This year's winner for best city goes to Sydney. Best U.S. city is New York. The world's best hotel is the Singita Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Best Island is Bali. Best domestic airline is Midwest. Check out the article for a full list of winners then contacl BizNetTravel and make your reservation!

Steve Hall | August 6, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Golfing Mongolia


Feel like a golfing vacation? How about Mongolia?

Using only a 3 iron, André Tolmé, a 37-year-old civil engineer from New Hampshire, just completed a round of golf in Mongolia on July 11. His course? The whole country: 18 holes, 2,322,000 yards, average par 11,880 strokes.

His fascinating, if somewhat ludicrous adventure is chronicled on, and in this NY Times article.

Rick Bruner | July 21, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Chicago's Amalfi Hotel A Pleasing Experience


Last week, I was in Chicago for the AD:TECH trade show, an online advertising industry event. In my usually harried, last minute travel planning style, I called BizNetTravel a few days before the show looking for a flight and a hotel. As BizNetTravel has done for me before, they booked me on my preferred flight and found me a wonderful hotel called The Amalfi Hotel. It was just a 5-10 minute walk from the AD:TECH event at the Sheraton. I didn't check in until late in the day after a long first day at the conference and I was looking forward to a couple hours in a relaxing hotel room before I ventured out for the evening.

Located on Kinzie Street and very near Michigan Avenue, the Amalfi does not look like your traditional hotel. It looks more like an art-deco office building lobby. I was met by a courteous doorman who welcomed me with a smile as did the receptionist during check in which went very smoothly. Upon entering my room, I was pleased that the decor was not the traditionally boring hotel design but rather an eclectic collection of color and furnishings that were visually striking yet welcoming and relaxing all at once. While the room was not huge, the bathroom was cavernous and had a double shower head that was exactly what I needed following a long day in an exhibit hall. Following the non-standard use of color, the towels were yellow instead of the plain white one sees in most hotels. A small touch but one that made you feel that much more like you were at home rather than in a hotel.

A big bonus for business travelers is the free Internet connection. Offered in both wired and wireless variety, the service worked flawlessly. More and more, paying for Internet connectivity at a hotel feels like nickel and diming and this free service was a welcome surprise that should be the norm in the industry.

While I wished I had more time to experience the hotel fully, the duties of the conference called and thankfully, check out was smooth as check in. All in all, a wonderful place to stay if you find yourself in Chicago.

Steve Hall | July 20, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

British Virgin Islands, Tourism Paradise


In May, my wife and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary. And with the help of BizNetTravel, the NY Daily News and the BVI Tourist Board, we celebrated it in grand style: in the incomparably beautiful British Virgin Islands. I credit the Tourist Board and the Daily News because I am writing a story based on the trip for the travel section of that newspaper (though I have been so busy with other work it is nagging at me to get it done still), and the BVI Tourist Board helped arrange our stays at some of the that country's most luxurious resorts, namely Biras Creek, Bitter End Yacht Club, Guana Island and Peter Island.

The trip had special importance to me, as I lived in the BVI for a year and a half when I was 20-21 years old, working for the local newspaper, the BVI Beacon (which, I'm pleased to note, just celebrated its 20-year anniversary). This trip back was a wonderful vacation we won't ever forget.

While I haven't yet written up my travel piece, I did upload 80-some photos from our trip the other day which you can view here. Needless to say, BizNetTravel would be only too happy to help arrange a trip to this Caribbean paradise for you and your loved ones.

Rick Bruner | July 7, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)


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