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Travel Log - Good Resources Archives

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Find the Perfect Seat for All Airlines on


Looking for the best places to sit on various airlines? Look no further than, which has mapped out the seating configurations for every major airline and all of their various aircraft.

And if you really want to avoid the worst seats in the airline industry, check out Christopher Elliott's article "Sardine Seats: 5 Worst Economy-class Sections".

Rick Bruner | June 24, 2004 | Good Resources | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Weekly 'Travel Gear' Show Launches

On Saturday, June 5 at 5PM on the Travel Channel, a new half-hour, weekly series, called "Travel Gear" will debut. The show is produced by Emmy award winning producer Dan Sexton Media and will highlight new gadgets that will make traveler's trips more enjoyable or just more bearable. We just took a trip from Boston to San Francisco and found a pair of ten dollar earphones the single most precious piece of carry on baggage. From watching the in-flight movie to kicking back to the music channels to drowing out the wails of the ubiquitous crying baby that seems always to be in the row either in front of or behind us, those were ten well spent dollars. Certainly, "Travel Gear" will introduce us to more exciting and cooler gadgets in the weeks to come.

Steve Hall | June 2, 2004 | Good Resources | Permanent link | Comments (0)

National Geographic Map Machine

The National Geographic's web site has redesigned its world atlas application:

Find nearly any place on Earth, and view it by population, climate, and much more. Plus, browse antique maps, find country facts, or plan your next outdoor adventure with our trail maps.

Rick Bruner | April 26, 2004 | Good Resources | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Phrasebook for Nightmarish Travelers

An unorthodox phrasebook for nightmarish travelers, in French, Spanish and German.

In case it's not immediately obvious, this is a joke.

Rick Bruner | April 25, 2004 | Good Resources | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Get the 511 on Road Conditions

"411," the number for telephone directory assistance, has entered the popular slang vocabulary as "information." 911, of course, is what you call for emergencies, and, more recently, several cities, including New York, have adopted 311 as a source of miscellaneous city information (e.g., potholes, cats in trees, questions about Dept. of Education, you name it).

Well now there's 511, the number you call for travel information. That seems to mean particularly traffic conditions. Only a few cities so far have a 511 working, San Francisco chief among them, as described in this NPR story.

Rick Bruner | March 25, 2004 | Good Resources | Permanent link | Comments (0)


Russia's Aeroflot, business class, Moscow to Barcelona

Can't get enough of airline food? Well, doubtful as that is, there is now a web site called that features digital photos travelers send in of their meals, as well as vintage airline meals, first and business class menus (just to torture the rest of us in cattle class), crew meals, airport restaurants, and more. Guess it's to be expected when pervasive digital cameras meet hours of boredom in flight.

American Airlines, coach, Long Beach to Dallas. Mmmm.

Rick Bruner | March 17, 2004 | Good Resources | Permanent link | Comments (0) Locates WiFi Hotspots

Credit my wife for this find: JiWire identifies at present count nearly 28,000 WiFi hotspots (that is, "wireless fidelity" Internet access points) in 52 countries, including thousands of hotels and cafes and hundreds of airports and free locations.

Rick Bruner | February 16, 2004 | Good Resources | Permanent link | Comments (0)

World66, New Travel Resource 'Wiki'


Loyal BizNetTravel Travel Log readers (who are you??) may remember back in August last year we noted a site called WikiTravel. A "wiki" is a strange kind of web site that lets visitors edit the content directly, updapte, correct and ammend text and pictureson web pages. It's the ultimate in the honest policy, but sometimes the results are quite impressive, like the Wikipedia, which is perhaps the best online encyclopedia, the collective work of thousands of volunteer editors.

Well, now there is another do-it-yourself travel guide site following this same model called World66. From what we've seen of it so far, it looks more interesting than WikiTravel. At least it's prettier to look at. There's already a lot of content there, plus they have some fun features such as MyWorld66, which lets you create a colored map of what U.S. states and countries of the world you have visited, which you can then cut and paste as a small amount of code into your own web site, if you have one, like this (which reflects my own world travels):

Bear in mind, the site is still in beta, so it may be a bit flaky in terms of server performance.

Rick Bruner | January 28, 2004 | Good Resources, Interact | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Search Flight Status on Google

Google is already everyone's favorite search engine, but did you know you could use Google for math calculations, spell checking, street maps and much more? Well, now you can also use it to track flight information.

Rick Bruner | January 19, 2004 | Good Resources | Permanent link | Comments (0)

New Travel Resource: Topix

From the folks who brought us the Open Directory Project, we now get a massive search engine of new called Topix. One of the best things about Topix is that you can get news locally for more than 100 U.S. cities as well as according to certain business topics, including Travel and Tourism.

Rick Bruner | January 17, 2004 | Good Resources | Permanent link | Comments (0)


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