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Ear Pain Tough on Some Business Travelers

Many have experienced the difficulty with equalizing ear pressure when in-flight. For some, a simple nose squeeze, a swallow or chewing gum does the trick. For others, it's more difficult. So difficult that some business travelers have had to give up air travel. New York Lenox Hospital Nasal and Sinus Specialist Dr. Jordan Josephson says that need not be the case.

Josephson says many doctors don't look at the real cause of the problem, which he says is sinus-related. "A lot of people need to look for someone who understands sinus and ear physiology," he said.

"I've had patients who were treated by doctor after doctor for ear problems, but no one ever addressed their sinus problems," he added. Diagnosis may call for a CAT scan followed by proper medication and even in some cases, surgery. So don't give up lightly if you have ear pain. Insist your doctor explore all avenues.

Steve Hall | June 17, 2004 | Advice | Permanent link
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