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Travel Association Offers Summer Travel Safety Tips

The Travel Industry Association of America has issued a press release predicting that this summer will be the busiest travel season since September 2001 and offering a list of suggestions to make travel safer for everyone. These tips include:

  • Keep phone numbers handy for your travel agent, airline, hotel, rental car company, and so on

  • Know your flight number and make printouts of e-tickets in advance

  • Don't carry cash. Depend on travelers checks, credit cards or debit cards. Don't throw away ATM receipts in public

  • Limit the amount of personal information you carry on your person to the bare minimum. For example, leave your Social Security card at home (identity theft being the concern here)

  • Know where you're going. Lost tourists are vulerable to muggings

  • Drive well rested and sober
And more. Check out the press release for details.

Rick Bruner | June 18, 2004 | Advice | Permanent link
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