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Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Is Inappropriate

Ellen Simonetti
Come on,
wardrobe malfunction?

The BBC's science and technology reporter (no less) tells us the tale of Ellen Simonetti aka Queen of the Sky, a flight attendant grounded without pay by her employer Delta for posting "inappropriate" pictures on her weblog. Presumably her short skirt, long legs and inviting smile were too much to bear (or maybe it was cleavage shown on another picture), but said employer reportedly didn't bother to even point to which pictures weren't fit for online publication or warn her and ask her to remove the pics before suspending her.

Ms Simonetti seems quick to publicize the event and consider alternate gigs, but Delta, you really need to lighten up.

See additional thoughts from Michael Fox (an Employer's Lawyer) and Cathy's World. No, the First Amendment has nothing to do with it, and yes, Delta looks like a bunch of prude control freaks now.

Update: Queen of the Sky has been fired, puts back offending pics on her site.

Olivier Travers | October 28, 2004 | News | Permanent link
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If airlines don't wish for flight attendants to post inappropriate pictures on the web they should start by changing their uniform to a more appropriate uniform. Similar patterns to the ones like qantas or maybe a professional business suit with a bit more relaxed pant could be beneficial to the employee and employer. This would not portray a slogan such as "sex sells".

Posted by: Mark Dawson at Dec 3, 2004 6:31:50 AM


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