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Can't Get Enough Boring TV? Get It In the Air

inflight entertainment
This flight sure
is fun.

In a self-serving article, CNN reports that Virgin Blue will display live TV (broadcast via satellite) on seatback screens (CNN, self-serving? Nah.) The service will cost $5 and will be rolled out to all their flights in Australia next year. If you're convinced TV is neither innovative nor entertainment and you know it, clap your hands. Bonus points if you post in the comments the name of the DJ and song I'm paraphrasing. Hint: he's a native of an island we recently mentioned in our special deal section. How's that for a convoluted way to get you to check our special deals? And yes, googling it as well as querying Allmusic or Discogs is cheating.

Meanwhile Ryanair wants to introduce in-flight gambling in Europe. All Americans are left with is raising airline fuel costs because of obesity. You have to read that last article if only to ponder how the United States got to a point where a federal agency spends tax dollars to ponder such issues. I know the dollar is worth less and less but still. Expect the American capital to move from Washington, DC to Brussels, Belgium anytime soon now. For additional non-intentional self-inflected irony, enjoy the oft-repeated phrase "obesity epidemic." Fat is not spread by infection, ok?

Olivier Travers | November 5, 2004 | News | Permanent link
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