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Prague Hotel Reviews

I recently had the pleasure of taking a phenomenal one week trip to the Czech
Republic. While on this trip I had a chance to not only sample some of the Czech Republics best in food, culture and lifestyle, but I also was able to view and stay at a variety of hotels in a few of the Czech cities. Some hotels were mediocre, others were beyond outstanding. Here are some recommendations and tips on where to stay in Prague. And whether you are a first time traveler to Prague or a seasoned veteran I am fully confident that you will be very pleased with your stay at any of these hotels- no matter what your budget!

Aria Hotel


If you are planning a trip to Prague and are looking for the absolute best- In service, luxury, class, trend setting, and overall exquisite yet different hotel the Aria is for you. This is a property that sets itself aside from the rest. Brand new, just under 2 years old, the Aria aims to please. I had the opportunity to get a detailed tour of many rooms and services the Aria offers and to put them all in one paragraph would be impossible! A few details the Aria includes that I love are- The screening room’s that have a different showing each night for hotel guests listening/viewing pleasure, The rooftop lounge which has spectacular panoramic views for the city of Prague and in the rooms many hotels offer high speed internet access, or internet through the television for a charge, where as the Aria’s rooms all come with flat screen computers with complementary internet, as well as a library filled with music you can enjoy at your leisure while staying in one of the “music themes” rooms. What is a music themed room? Well basically each room in the Aria Hotel is designed based on a different composer and musician. One may choose to stay in the Bach room, while another may prefer the Billy Holiday room.

Overall each client staying at the Aria is ensured top notch service and only the best, whether you are on your honeymoon and would like a violinist playing outside your window, or even a business trip where you require your entire office be transported to your room!

As a travel agent with extensive knowledge and personal contacts for best rates, I would be more than happy to assist with any needs, reservations or tips on the Aria hotel. Don’t hesitate to contact me via phone or email anytime! I can be reached at: 646-201-4000 or via email at: [email protected]

Four Seasons Hotel Prague

Another choice for a fabulous, comfortable and exquisite stay in Prague, the Four Seasons hotel may be just what you need! The Four Seasons has the reputation of being one of the top hotel chains in the world. They are well known for offering the best of the best, no matter which continent, in what city, and what type of trip you desire. The Four Seasons always aims to please, and never disappoints!

There are many things that make the Four Seasons one of my personal top 3 in Prague, so I will try and name just a few. First and foremost, I not only had the opportunity of taking a full private tour of rooms, suites, and all other aspects of the hotel, but I had the luxury of actually spending 3 days of my stay in the Czech Republic at the Four Seasons Prague. Each minute of my stay just kept getting better and better! Four seasons provides you with a level of service where at the moment of arrival they greet you at the door already knowing your name. Being that I was staying in the hotel I was able to experience many different aspects of it as a guest. The fitness center for one is probably one of the best in Prague; the spa offers treatments in room; and the restaurant’s food, flavor and service is absolutely amazing. I even spent an entire Saturday inside the hotel. Relaxing in the morning with breakfast in bed, followed by a hot bath while listening to the Yo Yo Ma CD that was brought to me from the Four Seasons collection; then it was down to lunch, where despite the fact that I was solo was extremely enjoyable. Shortly after I was taken on a personal tour of the hotel and then it was down to the bar for a few cocktails. Later on that evening was spent chatting with some other guests who chose to spend their time in Prague at the Four Seasons. Little did I know that those guests happened to be a few Oscar winners and cast members of an upcoming blockbuster film to be released later on this fall!

Over all my stay was memorable, enjoyable, and I left only wanting more! Being that this is a 5 star hotel, in prime location, with a reputation of being the best I was shocked (yet very pleased) with the rates that are offered! Considering all the amenities, and what comes along with the hotel the rates are a steal!

For more on this or any other Four Seasons resort and hotel feel free to contact me at 646-201-4000 or via email at [email protected]. I would be more than happy to provide expert advice, tips, and complete travel reservations and itineraries for your next trip to Prague!

Hotel Jalta

Now this particular hotel I chose as one of my favorites for a number of reasons. If you are familiar with Prague you may have heard of the Jalta. The hotel is one of Prague’s oldest and most well known. It used to be specifically used for the “chosen elite” of the government. Now the hotel has been taken under new management and is going under a revamping stage, continuing with the superior level of service, and quality but updating to modern technology, and adding trend and sophistication to this old Prague gem.

I was able to spend a night in the Jalta, and I was able to see the past, present and future of this hotel and conference center. Some renovations have already been made and they are continuing to make this 4 star property feel and look more and more like a 5 star every day. Jalta has already updated most of the rooms, with a trendy and chic décor, as well as warmth and comfort in each room to the extent where despite the fact that you may be in the heart of the shopping district you have the feel of being in a quaint, easygoing neighborhood. The noise remaining outside, and tranquility inside.

Not only does has the Jalta added flavor and flair to the hotel, but they’ve also added it to their restaurant. “Hott” is the name of the place and the name says it all! From the people to the décor, this place is the perfect choice for everyone from the business traveler to the young college student looking for the “coolest” place to be for dinner as well as after hours. And what better way to be a part of this “scene” than to be staying just a few floors up! Hott is affiliated with a few other of Prague’s elite restaurants such as “Pravda” and “Barrock”.

Jalta is quickly becoming a premiere choice for Prague travelers so much so that they are currently renovating a second building adjacent to the current one, doubling the amount of rooms, adding a fitness center and spa, and has already completed updates of the private conference rooms and halls. To choose Jalta for your next trip or to request further information call us at 646-201-4000! Or send an email to [email protected].

 Well there you have it! After extensive research and travel those are my picks for 3 of the top hotels in Prague. While spending some time in Prague I was able to visit and stay at many other hotels, so if you are looking more for a particular hotel type, location or price we at BizNet travel are here to meet your needs. Whether you are a Jewish traveler looking to stay in the Jewish quarter or if you are a backpacker looking for budget and are more interested in something clean and simple we are here to help. Prague is quickly becoming a premiere destination choice for all sorts of trips for various types of travelers. But don’t forget, the Czech Republic is also home to some intriguing, relaxing, fun and amazing places to experience. While in the Czech Republic other destinations you may want to include in your itinerary may be “Karlovy Vary” (world rennouned spa town), or maybe a trip to Cesky Krumlov- an excellent small, quaint town which houses the second largest castle in the Czech Republic! Whatever your needs may be we are here to help. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Andras Revesz | March 29, 2005 | Travel Guides | Permanent link
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That's an amazing story about the Czech Republic. It sounds like exactly the type of story they need at this, I do think this is a great blog in itself.

Posted by: Aaron at May 14, 2005 8:07:11 PM

Cool!! Keep Blogging..And Travel Safe

Posted by: RA at May 28, 2005 3:13:07 AM

Very Interesting Travel Story...

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Posted by: almunecar at Jul 21, 2005 6:18:15 AM

emm.. attractive ))

Posted by: Pipi Culottesplages Coquines at Jun 28, 2009 11:13:46 PM

Nice story and it sounds great.Keep posting!!!

Posted by: hotels in prague at Jul 7, 2009 9:18:32 PM

Nice story and it sounds great.Keep posting!!!

Posted by: hotels in prague at Jul 7, 2009 9:18:35 PM

I love Prague. These days I need something suitable for the kids too. I conjured up a few family vacation ideas. Maybe the kids would enjoy this...I hear November is good time to go

Posted by: Mike James at Oct 29, 2009 2:07:11 PM

Nice post... I love to stay there for a nite atleast..
Thanks for sharing your story..

Posted by: Online Entertainment Guide at Nov 3, 2009 5:38:55 AM

I am afraid I found some nice review about he Four Seasons and Jalta Hotels, but there are a plenty of other nice and cozy options to cover, what do you think. Just need to continue the destination reviewing!

Travel & Tourism Industry News Editor

Posted by: Travel and Tourism News Editor at Nov 6, 2009 4:58:16 AM

Even better if you do not only visit Prague but also pop in plenty of Czech Health SPAs for medical wellness or spa therapies, what ever you wish. Carlsbad, Marianbad and many more spa towns will surprise you for sure.

Just arrange your next pleasant stay!
Healing SPA Hotels

Posted by: Health SPA Hotel Manager at Nov 6, 2009 5:05:34 AM

Thanks for sharing your experience. For those who have planned to visit Czech Republic, the travel information provided will be very helpful to make their stay happy and comfortable.

Posted by: Noah Caleb at Dec 7, 2009 1:45:42 AM

Very nice post! This makes me want to take a much needed vacation! Keep up the great work!

Posted by: Tamara at Jan 20, 2010 4:58:03 PM

I think the Chateau Mcely, the country's leading green hotel is also worth a mention!

Posted by: International Trip Planning at Jul 2, 2011 4:12:15 AM

I stayed at Domus Balthasar in Mala Strana. it is very good hotel in good location. They usually are more expensive than hotel around, but it is worth. There are cool receptionists. You have probably booked through their own website and received special price...?-)

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The concept of giving away value is really missed by a lot of people. You gave me some ideas.

Posted by: channel islands escorted trip at Dec 13, 2011 7:04:09 PM


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