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Travel Log - Featured Destinations Archives

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Molvanîa, a Jetlag Travel Guide


Amusing faux travel guide: Molvanîa: A land untouched by modern dentistry. From Jetlag Travel Guides, "Taking you places you don't want to go." The book appears to be not-so-loosely based on Romania, in my estimation. From the back cover:

Molvania, birthplace of the polka and the whooping cough, is often overlooked as a tourist destination, but thanks to this updated Jetlag Travel Guide, the keen visitor can now enjoy one of Eastern Europe's best-kept secrets...WHEN TO GO: Those wanting a quieter, less-crowded experience might consider visiting in the "off season" periods such as winter or during the Lutenblag Jazz Festival. WHERE TO EAT: Cafe Cravben is run by a married couple — if the arguments from the kitchen are anything to go by — and the menu is changed frequently. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the table linen.
And so on.

For whatever reason, the publisher promises a whole series of these make-believe travel guides.

Rick Bruner | October 28, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

ueuFlorida Tourism Board Launches Ad Campaign

The Sun Sentinel reports Florida's tourism group, Visit Florida is spending $2 million on a campaign carrying the tagline, "We're Still Here. Naturally," to get tourists to come back to the state after it was ravaged by hurricanes. The group has asked Florida lawmakers to authorize an additional $30 million but requests may be met with complaints from others who say the state needs all the money it has to put itself back together again.

Steve Hall | September 22, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Bahamas Back In Business After Frances

According to the Mercury News, resorts in the Bahamas fared better than expected following hurricane Frances. Most resorts on Nassau and Paradise are open with cruise lines and the Nassau International Airport open as well. Sandals Royal Bahamian is planning to reopen September 25 and SuperClubs Breezes will reopen September 30.

Grand Bahama was hit the hardest with several resorts not reopening until October or November.

Steve Hall | September 12, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (1)

Putting the Pleasant in Pleasanton


Chuck and Loretta Aydelotte's real estate site promises, "Let Us Show You The Secret To Pleasanton Real Estate."

I think I've spotted it. It's out the window of the third picture down on this web page.

Rick Bruner | September 2, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

The Attack of the Chinese Traveler


The pod bay doors to Europe have opened for China following a recent agreement reported in the Taiwan News between the EU and China last month. The agreement is expected to dramatically increase travel to France, Switzerland and Italy. Chinese travel is on the rise having increased 21 percent to 20.2 million in the last year.

Switching gears for a moment, travel into China is still happening and if you'd like an in-depth look at what travel to China has to offer, NPR's Rob Gifford has created a seven part series detailing his 14 day, 3,000 mile trip across China. From Shanghai across the heartland to Korgaz, Gifford takes you off the beaten path and into the multiple cultures of the country.

Steve Hall | September 1, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

McNeil River Offers Exclusive Brown Bear Trip


This summer, 257 lucky people were chosen from an applicant base of 1,500 to enter Alaska's 114,400 acre McNeil River state sanctuary to see the brown bear close up. CNN reports the sanctuary is 250 miles south of Anchorage reachable by water plane. Chosen visitors bring their own backbacks backpacks full of necessary items and sanctuary guides lead groups of ten through the wilderness on four day excursions. The program was designed not only for the sheer pleasure (or fear) of seeing bears, but to get bears used to seeing people as non-threatening entities.

Steve Hall | August 30, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (6)

Hooters Gambling on Las Vegas Hotel


First they had a successful — one might say bodacious — restaurant featuring chicken wings and buxom waitresses. Then they had (naturally) an airline. Then a swimsuit contest and a line of potato chips. What follows naturally for this brand extension? A Las Vegas hotel-casino, of course!

You gotta love their slogan: "Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined." Another successful application of the Mencken principle of economics: "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

Rick Bruner | August 23, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (1)

The 'Almost Las Vegas' Vegas Resort

There's a town near Las Vegas called Henderson, a mere 17 miles from the strip, that is home to Lake Las Vegas Resort. Out of the desert rises a 320 acre lake, three championship golf courses, a Ritz-Carton, a Hyatt Regency and a Mediterranean themed MonteLago Village. In addition to hotels, the lake is surrounded by residential development where the likes of retired golf pros, executive and Celine Dion live.

Like many self-contained resorts, Lake Las Vegas Resort has all the usual amenities including a marina, water taxi, casino, boutiques and restaurants. Unlike Las Vegas, it's environment is quieter and older so if you are looking for a more laid back Las Vegas vacation, this might be the place to check out. Or, have the best of both. Stay at Lake Las Vegas Resort and head up to Las Vegas when the urge arises. CNN reports.

Steve Hall | August 23, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Italy a Third Second-World Country?

Dale Fox at Rome's Coliseum

In another example of people just checking out of the day-to-day grind and traveling around the world and blogging as they go, is a site written by Dale and MeiMei Fox, "bomad" standing for bourgeois nomad.

In a recent post, these self-styled travel critics have decided that Italy is just a step up from a third-world country for various reasons including special prices for tourists, the post office's refusal to deliver post cards, metered local phone calls, cover charges at restaurants and more. Frankly, most of their complaints seem to be universal features of travel in Europe in general. I think they're being a bit harsh. (Then again, I lived for five years in Eastern Europe, so I'm not easily impressed with such minor inconveniences when it comes to travel. Go visit Tirana, Albania and then complain about Italy...)

Rick Bruner | August 23, 2004 | Featured Destinations | Permanent link | Comments (0)

Remaindered Links:
Donkeys in Spain, Trains Across America, Cars Not in Alaska, and More

Lots of news to note, not enough time to blog. Hence, we are introducing this "Remaindered Links" feature:

  • Guardian: "Have donkey, will travel; Tim Moore sets off to conquer the Camino de Santiago in Spanish Steps"

  • SFGate: "Poker holds royal flush on travel circuit; Casinos court spectators, players alike"

  • Washington Post: "Airport, Rail Travel Make A Comeback"

  • Washington Post: "In Alaska, Cars Are an Inferior Mode of Travel"

  • Guardian: "BA staff go sick as holiday travel chaos looms"

Rick Bruner | August 17, 2004 | Featured Destinations, News | Permanent link | Comments (0)


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