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Travel Log - Upcoming Events Archives

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Now That's Some Dedicated Voters

According to Reuters, U.S. expats jump on planes to vote in home states. Seems Reuters is making a big story out of a few rare examples, but some people apparently really didn't like that they didn't get their absentee ballots.

Olivier Travers | October 26, 2004 | Upcoming Events | Permanent link | Comments (0)

NYC Underground Comedy Fest, October


Last month, we reported on New York City Mayor Bloomberg's press conference about a new New York Comedy Festival. At the time, Andras noted that he wasn't able to find a web site for the event. In a new comment on that entry, George Sarris says, "The reason you haven't found a website for The NY Comedy Festival is because it doesn't exist ... lol."

Sarris, meanwhile, is eager to point out that his event, The NYC Underground Comedy Festival, is not only "the original" such festival, but it does have a web site, a very good one, I might add. Look for it this October.

Rest assured, BizNetTravel will be happy to arrange package tours for out-of-town visitors for both festivals, and we'll laugh all the way to the bank. (Ba-da...da!)

Rick Bruner | April 7, 2004 | Upcoming Events | Permanent link | Comments (3)

Gay & Lesbian World Travel Expo, DC, NY & Philadelphia

Gay Travel Expo

The Gay and Lesbian World Travel Expo, which has already taken place in Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and LA, is coming in April to DC (April 27, 2004 at Hilton Embassy Row), New York (April 29, 2004 at Metropolitan Pavilion, Chelsea) and Philadelphia (May 1, 2004 at Wyndham Franklin Plaza).

BizNetTravel has a limited number of complementary tickets for the expo. Call us at toll free at (888) 824-9638 for details.

Details of the event are here.

On a related theme, Metrosource, "a lifestyle magazine that reflects the cultural tastes and interests of the urban gay community," is featuring its travel issue this month. More content in the magazine itself, on newstands now, than in the online version.

Rick Bruner | March 31, 2004 | Travel Ideas, Upcoming Events | Permanent link | Comments (1)

New York Announces New Comedy Festival

Bloomberg introducing New York Comedy Festival
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomber tries his hand at stand-up comedy
during the press conference. Consensus: Don't quit your day job

The comedy club Caroline's on Broadway and tourism promotions non-profit NYC & Company announced yesterday the first annual New York Comedy Festival, a week-long series of performances by top national comedians at theatres and clubs around the city, this November 9-13. Give us a call (888 824-9638), we'd be happy to arrange a package for out-of-towners looking to drop by for a good laugh.

So far, we haven't found a web page specifically promoting the festival, though we're sure one's on the way. Meanwhile, here is the City's official press release, and for a real laugh (no, not really), check out the online video of Bloomberg's press conference, where he tries his hand at stand-up, somehow not realizing what a tough crowd the press corp is.

Andras Revesz | March 9, 2004 | Featured Destinations, Travel Ideas, Upcoming Events | Permanent link | Comments (3)


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